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Release Schedule: August 2021

Howdy Y’all, hope yer doin’ well and enjoyin’ the summer…it must be just flyin’ 'cause I’m writing another one of the sneak peeks! And we got a pretty decent month let me tell ya what. Look for these beauty releases come August.

Hazy Pine Hazy West Coast IPA – Comin’ back atcha for another year is our new spin on one of our classic cores with Hazy Pine Hazy West Coast IPA. Usin’ the same hops and the same malt (mostly) as our Lone Pine West Coast IPA but brewed like a hazy East Coast IPA, this one is the best of both coasts! Switchin’ up the yeasts and employing the same techniques we use to brew our other “hazers”, this one packs a piney punch with a juicy center. The addition of oats and wheat that you won’t find in our regular Lone Pine gives Hazy Pine that soft, pillowy body you’d expect in this style while still maintaining a touch of dankness for the ol’school hops. And of course that beautiful orange hue you always find in Lone Pine will still be brimmin’ from the glass. Get this one before it’s gone cause it’ll go fast!

Ol’Woody Alt – It’s baaaaack! You can’t keep a good beer hidden and our Ol’Woody Alt is no exception to that rule. Unabashedly malty with notes of toasted bread and roasted nuts, this traditional German-style lagered ale has been with us since the brewery’s beginning. A favourite around these parts, we never want to go too long without bringing this beauty back. Malt-forward but balanced with a good dose of spicy German noble hops, this classic beer style is all about drinkability. Perfect paired with whatever you’re grillin’ up or as a nice, quiet fireside pint as the last, cool nights of summer slowly make way into Fall. Dang….now I want one!

Maple Butter Tart Ale – Another fan favourite; our Maple Butter Tart Ale is comin’ back for another kick at the can. This full flavoured, “dessert-in-a-can” beer is perfect for all y’all with a sweet tooth. Burstin’ with aromas and flavours of maple, caramel and vanilla this beer is exactly what it says it is…A BUTTER TART! Crack one open and become a believer.

Tropical Storm Mimosa IPA – The second release in our Tropical Storm flavoured sour IPA series, Tropical Storm Mimosa is bringin’ some delicious orange and grape vibes to the game. Built on the same hazy base as our Mojito IPA, this variant has that same delicious tartness that makes it incredibly drinkable even for its slightly elevated ABV. But for this release we swapped out the Mojito’s lime and mint and added a mimosa’s fresh orange zest. To bring the grape notes, we added in some Nelson Sauvin hops that contribute aromas and flavours of white grapes. Got something to celebrate? Skip the bubbly and go straight for our Mimosa IPA.

Lone Wine American-style Barleywine – What do you do for your 2000th brew? Well, if you’re Sawdust City, you take one of your classic recipes and turn it up….to 11! That’s right, to celebrate our 2000th brew here in Sawdust City we reworked our Lone Pine West Coast IPA recipe and turned it into an American-style Barleywine. We upped the maltiness (just a bit), kept the same level of hoppiness (obviously) but blasted the ABV all the way up to 11.2%. We also can-conditioned this beauty and let it rest for 4 months before we released it upon the world. What you get is an insanely drinkable (trust me) flavour bomb that hits you first in the eyes, with its gorgeous burnt orange colour and perfect white head, before it hits you in the nose with its full bouquet for fruity hops. We purposefully let the hops age a bit to bring forth the fruit level and allow that malt to come through a bit. Our aim was to recreate an old school American Barleywine…the kind we used to drink way back in the day when we were sittin’ around dreaming about opening our own brewery. Come full circle….that’s what you do for your 2000th brew!

Sam Corbeil

Hazy Pine Hazy West Coast IPA 2021

Hazy Pine Hazy West Coast IPA

Release Date: August 5th, 2021

Limited Brew: Available at our brewery retail store and online store while supplies last.

 Ol' Woody Alt 2021

Ol'Woody Alt

Release Date: August 12th, 2021

Limited Brew: Available at our brewery retail store and online store while supplies last.

 Maple Butter Tart Ale 2021

Maple Butter Tart Ale

Release Date: August 12th, 2021

Limited Brew: Available at our brewery retail store and online store while supplies last.

 Tropical Storm Mimosa IPA 2021

Tropical Storm Mimosa IPA

Release Date: August 19th, 2021

Limited Brew: Available at our brewery retail store, online shop, and coming to the LCBO!

 Lone Wine American-style Barleywine 2021

Lone Wine American-style Barleywine

Release Date: August 27th, 2021

Limited Brew: Available at our brewery retail store and online store while supplies last.

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