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Lone Pine IPA's New Look

I can’t believe it’s been nine years since we launched Lone Pine.

I still remember the launch party (remember when there were launch parties?) at the Kensington Burger Bar in Toronto.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  But here we are.  And honestly, I don’t think you’d recognize that version of Lone Pine compared to what we are brewing today. It’s certainly gone through its fair share of tweaks and changes over the years. I mean, it’s still a west coast IPA, but it’s also adapted and changed as the style itself continued to evolve over time. 

More than any other category of beer, IPA has been at the forefront of the craft scene for the past decade and we as drinkers have been witness to the evolution of a style almost in real-time.  And quite frankly, it’s been almost too hard to keep up with. What’s cool now? Honestly, I don’t know (Ugh, I’m like Grampa Simpson over here…old man shakes fist at cloud!). But nine years ago, Lone Pine was new and fresh…then all of the sudden West Coast IPAs were considered “old school”. But even old school beers still have their place! 

Unapologetically bitter, with intense aromas of pine and citrus, Lone Pine continues to be one of the beers I turn to on a regular basis. Not only because it holds a special place in my heart (I still remember the pilot brew on my good buddy Ian’s stovetop) but because I truly feel it’s a really good beer.  We still put the same care and craftsmanship into each batch of Lone Pine as we did nine years ago. And that is why we’ve decided to give the brand a facelift. We’re teachin’ an old dog new tricks! 

The new-look is drastically different from our old branding, but we absolutely love it. We feel it totally captures the essence of what Sawdust City is and what Lone Pine IPA is. So pick up a can today and give an old friend a new try. We think you’ll like it! 

Sam Corbeil


Pictured: the poster from Lone Pine IPA's debut party in 2011.

Lone Pine IPA Retro Poster

After 9 years, it's time to give our ever-popular Lone Pine West-Coast IPA the update it deserves. Look for it at your local LCBO or grab it from our retail store.