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Sawdust City Recognized as Provincial Leader in Sustainable Craft Brewing and Water Stewardship

Sawdust City Brewing Co. is being recognized as the first brewery in Ontario to commit to a full-scale installation of an integrated wastewater solution. We have been operating for just over 3 years in Gravenhurst and repeatedly strive to set standards for quality brewing practices in Ontario. 

Sawdust City Brewing Company was chosen for the pilot demonstration project with BLOOM and ECONSE Water Purification Systems. Michael Fagan, Senior Vice President of BLOOM said, “Our first engagement with Sawdust City Brewing was just after they had opened and from that time forward, they have shown a strong commitment to understanding what is required to be better water and resource managers - and then commit to make it happen."

“We consider it our responsibility to be good stewards of the waterways,” says Rob Engman, President of Sawdust City Brewing. “We know how precious the lakes and waterways are in Muskoka. We have made it a top priority to alleviate any unnecessary burden on the municipal wastewater system, and any potential negative impact on our surrounding lakes.”

After a rigorous assessment of the brewery wastewater process, the goal of the pilot project was to implement an on-site, decentralized wastewater treatment system using the ECONSE BRÜ CLEAN technology.

Engman explains, “The development of a regimented wastewater blueprint is something that escaped the initial planning phase. Like most craft breweries we were anxious to open our doors and focus on brewing. Immediately after production began we realized that in order to protect our surrounding waterways we needed to evaluate plans for efficient wastewater management.”

As such, the collaboration between BLOOM and ECONSE Water Purification Systems began. Upon completion of the pilot project and with the irrefutable results compiled, Sawdust City Brewing did not hesitate to commit to installing the full-scale BRÜ CLEAN wastewater solution. Sawdust City Brewing is proud to be an early adopter of the ECONSE on-site wastewater management system (BRÜ CLEAN). This is not only the first system of its kind in Ontario’s craft beer sector; it’s also unique to any food and beverage company in Canada.

Sawdust City Brewing is committed to implementing source reduction practices, to ensure optimization of this new treatment system and continual improvement concerning resource management performance.