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Three exciting new IPAs are now available at the LCBO. Each beer is hand-crafted to be the perfect summer beverage!

GRAVENHURST, ONTARIO, March 10, 2021 -- Sawdust City Brewing Company has released three new full-flavoured brews, available from March 2021. The IPAs have been crafted with the warm summer days ahead in mind, and are all available to buy from select LCBO stores across Ontario, their brewery in Gravenhurst, and their online store at

“After what seems like endless months of being cooped up inside, we felt it was our duty as brewers to help you shake off the winter blahs with the release of 3 bangin’ new IPAs available at the LCBO," said Sam Corbeil, Brewmaster and cofounder of Sawdust City Brewing Company. "From a sessionable crusher, a cocktail inspired IPA, all the way up to a massive IIPA…we’re givin’ you all hops you need to dust off the blues, get outside and say hello to a whole new season.” 

The three new additions to the family are the Garnia Lil’ IPA, the Tropical Storm Mojito IPA, and the Binary System Double IPA. Each IPA is kept fresh in Sawdust City’s vividly designed 473ml cans.

GNARNIA LIL' IPA (5.5% abv)

Brewed in collaboration with Sawdust City’s friends at Muskova Off-Road Cycling Association, this lil' IPA is crafted for crushin’ after an exhilarating ride on the trails or a slow, reflective walk in the woods. Named after one of MORCA’s most scenic trails, Gnarnia is the beer-embodiment of everything the amazing Muskova region has to offer. Using the simple malt body of a Hazy IPA and fermented on Escarpment Labs’ Foggy London Ale yeast, it packs a full-on juicy hop flavour. Dry-hopped with tons of Mosaic and Citra hops to endow it with a vibrant citrus aroma and big juicy flavour. 


The perfect breezy refreshment on a heady summer day, Sawdust City discovered this ‘match made in Muskoka’ washed-up in the sand, having been fused under the intoxicating energy of a summer storm. Tropical Storm Mojito is the first in their series of cocktail-inspired IPAs. Tart, citrusy lime leads the way, with cool waves of mint bringin’ the summer vibes. Juicy hops through the middle, and soft creamy palate through to the finish, this is the cocktail lover's IPA. Best served ice cold.


Bursting with flavour and impenetrably hazy with a rich, creamy head, Binary System has bright aromas of citrus followed by herbal tropical flavours melded with spicy pine notes. Big juicy hops are accompanied by a silky body and clean, luscious finish. Binary Systems is a product of relentless experimentation - after trying four different variations, this was the winning combination that brewers and Ontario beer fans liked the most. 


About Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Sawdust City Brewing Co. is an Ontario-based craft brewery with a passion for the art and science of crafting exceptional craft beers. Their speciality since 2011 has been bringing exciting beers to Canada that expand the borders of traditional flavour profiles. Searching far and wide for their brewing ingredients with a focus on uncompromising quality, every Sawdust City beer brew puts a focus on creating an exceptional flavour experience.